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Submitted 4 years ago
Posted 4 years ago
Ok...I should have used stronger language. We invaded Iraq because of oil, period...especially because they nationalized their oil. Better?

As for why we went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan as opposed to other nations that have oil, this has a good deal to do with OPEC for one and other political considerations as well. I don't really want to go into how or why OPEC controls the oil markets, or why, because of that Saudi Arabia and Iraq have actually controled the oil costs for the last ten years, even though Mexico and Venezuela export more oil. It's complicated, but I would suggest you read up on it. It's interesting stuff.... I won't call you 'uneducated', because I don't feel the need to fling around silly insults, but I do suggest you look into WHY we go after the natural resources in some areas, rather than others, what that says about our long term strategy and the political relationships we have with a good deal of the world. You just may learn something. :)

As for wanting them to 'keep' their oil, that's just silly. Ummm if we hadn't attacked them for what is theirs, we wouldn't have troops over there in the first place. I hope you aren't saying that you think it's ok for us to police the rest of the world, using their resources as we see fit because that would be a pretty reprehensible stance, one based in ignorance and hate.

Your sentence about strategy doesn't make enough sense for me to refute it. It's just nonsensical insults...meaningless.

As for finding a democratic reporter, you may want to watch your terms...that made me laugh. If you think about it long enough, I think you'll figure out why. Anyhow, the quotes are from the Dept. of Energy's own report and Greenspan...hardly folks with a liberal agenda. If the republican agenda looks bad, maybe it's because it's so.....weak.

I agree that a nation can not profit from war, but members of a nation can and do. Sadly, they are happy to pass on the costs to so many
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